Amber's Artistry

About The Artist

Amber is excited to attend more industry related conferences and educational trainings and share that knowledge with the world. 

In 2021 Amber attended piercing educational courses alongside Jasmine Gemmell founder of Bellezza Moda. In 2022 Amber attended extensive permanent makeup education with Biotouch, and presently Amber studies brow hair stroke tattoo education alongside Anh Duc. Amber has completed tooth gem certification with dental grade bonds from Trebbih Inc. In 2022 Amber attended the 25th annual association of professional piercers conference in Las Vegas Nevada, learned so much from her instagram idols, and picked up some amazing jewelry from brands like Pupil Hall, Modern Mood, Quetzalli, to name just a few. Amber continues to plan and prioritize attending theoretical and hands on education and conventions in the months and years to come.”