Amber's Artistry


Find the prices of my services below. Cash or etransfer. Check my Instagram for special offers.

Ear Piercing

High quality jewelry included

1 for $80, 2 for $120, 3 for $160

*Industrial or orbital piercing counts as 2

Face & Body Piercing

1 for $100, 2 for $150, 3 for $200

Genital Piercing

1 for $200

Aftercare Spray

This is sterile saline piercing aftercare spray 

1 for $15

*Parental consent is encouraged but not legally required for minors. I do not do genital piercings for minors. 

Eyeliner Tattoo


Lips Tattoo


Brows Microblade or Machine


Freckle Tattoo

$200 or $100 added onto another cosmetic tattoo

1 hr Mini Cosmetic Tattoo Touchup


Removal Price

*Priced upon consultation

*Includes 1 touch-up session 6 weeks-4 months following initial tattoo if desired.”

**Please book in for a consult if considering a cosmetic tattoo

Swarovski Tooth Gem

1 for $80

*variety of colours and sizes

22k Yellow Solid Gold Tooth Gem

1 for $180

18k White Solid Gold Tooth Gem

1 for $180

Butterfly Swarovski Tooth Gem

1 for $140

*Butterfly comprised of multiple gems

*Comprised of multiple gems and can be done on one tooth or spread over two teeth

**Variety of shapes colours available

***Discount offered for multiple gems

Solid Gold Tooth Gem Options